28 February 2023 | Middle School, Pastoral Care, R.I.S.E

Middle School Ready

We acknowledge that students experience many challenges in life, whether it’s social media, friendships, home life or mental health. We believe this all impacts their ability to learn.

Every student deserves to thrive personally and at School because we believe each child is precious in God’s sight.

We recognise the importance Pastoral Care plays in a student’s holistic wellbeing and are committed to caring for every student’s spiritual, emotional, physical and academic needs.

This year, we have appointed an experienced Middle School Pastoral Care Leader, Craig Davidson. Craig loves to be involved in the process of learning with young people and seeks to do what he can to see students thrive, grow and learn together.

“Students bring many different experiences and values from their homes, friendship groups, sports clubs and communities. The classroom has many more contributing factors to the learning environment than the teacher,” says Craig.

“I look forward to providing an environment where students can be at peace with themselves, one another, their community, our School, and with the broader community in and around Strathalbyn,” says Craig. He will also teach Health to the Year 6 to Year 9 students in Middle School.

With the support of talented staff, Craig and the Middle School team are passionate about building relationships with your child.

When your child joins us in Middle School, they will experience specialist subjects for the first time and explore growth opportunities like Camps, Colour Run, Middle and Senior Sports Day, participate in SACSA Sports Carnivals and have leadership opportunities.

For a gentle transition from Year 5 (Junior School) to Year 6 (Middle School), your child will still have a key teacher with whom they complete their core subjects. Students then move to another classroom to complete their specialist subjects, such as Hospitality, Technology Studies and Health.

At Tyndale, we introduced a no-phone policy from Year 6, to encourage students to be active participants in the community and immerse themselves in their educational journey without distraction.

In Year 8, students embark on Year 8 Camp and begin settling into a new routine where we encourage them to participate in the extra-curricular programmes available to help them discover new passions and build friendships with one another.

We help your child pursue RISE principles (respect, integrity, service and excellence) by providing them with a vibrant and challenging learning environment through the Year 9 Rite Journey programme. Our Middle School staff are passionate about helping young people navigate the adult world’s complexities therefore every Year 9 student participates in the programme as a core part of their Year 9 experience.

We are enrolling for Year 6 in 2024 and 2025. Book a School Tour and come and see why Tyndale. 

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