Building Strong Connections and Mentorship: Introducing vertical Home Groups at Our School

At the beginning of 2023, we implemented an exciting change in our Middle and Senior School – the introduction of vertical Home Groups.

Unlike the traditional year-level home group format, our students, spanning from Year 6 to Year 12, now spend their home group time within their designated Houses.

This innovative approach ensures that:

  • students begin their day by interacting with their House teammates, forming lasting friendships beyond their immediate year-level peers.
  • students have the opportunity to build camaraderie and engage in informal mentorship.
  • In addition to building a sense of unity, vertical Home Groups provide a platform for healthy competition through House activities.

We have integrated year-level class topics in Home Group quizzes, which contribute to House points.

This unique approach not only motivates students to actively participate in their studies but also encourages them to closely follow the curriculum to stay competitive in House rankings.

The friendly rivalry fosters a deeper engagement with academic content and promotes an atmosphere of enthusiasm for learning.

Younger students can now seek guidance from their older peers regarding subject choices, gain insight into their experiences, and receive invaluable advice for their academic journey.

Moreover, the increased interaction has fostered new friendships and expanded students’ social networks, enhancing the overall sense of belonging within our school community.

This year, we welcomed Mr Davidson as Middle School Pastoral Care Leader, who is dedicated to fostering a thriving Middle School community.

“During break times, we have observed students from different year levels engaging in meaningful conversations, playing sports together, and establishing connections that extend beyond their year levels.”

Students have begun to take ownership of their House times together through sharing devotions, planning activities, leading discussions, and student leaders are also sharing their ideas about school improvement.

The introduction of vertical Home Groups marks a significant milestone in our school’s commitment to building stronger connections and promoting mentorship opportunities.

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