Students’ Artwork on Display at the Mount Barker Show

On Saturday 25 March 2023 (Week 7, Term 1) we ran a stall at the Mount Barker District Show to join the community atmosphere and run some activities.

Our wonderful staff set up our stall, which looked amazing, and gave out free seasonal planting guides and seedlings for children and their guardians to take home and grow their very own flower, herb or vegetable.

Community members came to our stall throughout the day to chat, fish for some oak leaves, or participate in the Colouring Competition. It was fantastic to meet many new faces!

During the Term, our ELC and Junior School students created some beautiful artwork in class and were able to enter them into the Mount Barker Student Artwork Competition. We saw some crazy giraffes, sensational city silhouettes, stunning sunset landscapes and fantastic finger paintings.

Well done to the students who received a ribbon for their artwork. All students did a fantastic job and should be proud of their artwork on display.

We look forward to seeing our students’ artwork continue to grow and develop throughout the year.

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