12 April 2021 | Community, R.I.S.E, Whole of School

Engaging Our Student’s with the Local Community

At Tyndale Strathalbyn, we see the importance of engaging our students with both the Strathalbyn and regional community. This provides growth opportunities to form relationships with external businesses and organisations, and benefits both the students and external partnerships we share.

We are blessed to hold our annual Pastors’ Morning Tea as they provide Tyndale the opportunity to connect with local churches and build relationships with our student’s that can support them on their individual faith journey’s.

As such a tightly knit community we endeavor to walk along side our students as they discover their passions and aspire to broaden their experiences through community service opportunities. Tyndale has connections with the local Scouts, churches and the RSL where Tyndale students can get involved through acts of service.

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