Student Leadership

Tyndale Christian School Strathalbyn students are encouraged to serve their School Community through leadership. It is our belief that Christian schools have been raised up to prepare our young people to provide strong, vibrant leadership for the future; leadership that is Godly, with honesty, integrity and transparency so as a result there are various opportunities and training within this area.

Our Student Leaders are required to be positive role models to the School Community in behaviour at school and outside of school, attitude, dress, punctuality and diligence in academic studies, as they perform their roles and responsibilities to the best of their ability with a servant heart.

The Student Leadership team have two retreats each year in January and July. The purpose of these retreats is to build chemistry within the teams, participate in leadership workshops and plan events for the coming semester. There are other smaller training sessions that happen throughout the year.

To be more effective within the School Community we have divided the leadership group into four ‘sub-teams’, each with a different focus; these being: fundraising, social justice, lunch time activities and Christian culture. Each team is appointed two ‘head leaders’ (usually students from Year 11 and 12), and they are given the task of recruiting three more people to their team from the student body. These three recruits show either a servant heart or have leadership potential.

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The Christian Culture team run assemblies at the School and aim to be an example to students in how to live for God in their everyday life. Several members of the team are involved in Static 149, a student-run group that leads worship in assemblies and other events outside of school. Overall the main focus of this team is to encourage our students to have a relationship with God and to give them the opportunity to express this through daily devotions and worship.

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The Fundraising team is passionate about raising money for organisations which support others. They work together to find organisations they believe need support and funds. This is something that is very important to the team and they aim to find different organisations each time. As a team they run school-based events and get as many people as possible involved. The team collects donations, supports other leadership teams and makes contributions where they can. The past two years they have worked with SHE Rescue Homes, Revolution Red and more recently SA Cancer Council to run the Daffodil Day merchandise site in Strathalbyn; so far over $5,000 has been raised for this worthy organisation and the plan is to continue with running this site in future years.

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The Lunch Time Activities team aims to encourage physical activity, friendly competition and integrate bonding. This year they have successfully conducted several primary, middle and secondary sports competitions to engage the student community. They have extended their branch by conducting the Tyndale Cup with the Salisbury East campus as well as leading the Daffodil Day Cup, a day full of activities which enable the Tyndale Christian School Strathalbyn community to unite and bond through physical activities as well as emphasising important awareness within our School.

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The main aim of the Social Justice team is to raise awareness around many social issues that affect teenagers today with a view to outworking strategies to put an end to them in our School and wider community. Some of these issue are anxiety, depression, suicide and bullying. The team has partnered with organisations such as Bullying No Way, Beyond Blue, Think Pink Foundation and Roar Effect to create themed days throughout the school year that are dedicated to each of the issues listed above. The team plays an integral part in making sure that our School is a safe, loving and caring environment for everyone who attends – whether they be student or parent.

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