At Tyndale Christian School the curriculum provides:

  • a balance between individual student’s needs and external requirements;
  • a balance between exploration and process as well as mastery of material;
  • every student with the opportunity for success;
  • differentiated curriculum catering for low and high academic performance; and
  • intellectual rigour.

Information Literacy, Communication Technologies and Research Skills are integrated into the curriculum across all learning areas.

In addition to this, all curriculum and interactions with students at Tyndale Christian School are informed by our Christian world view. A Christian world view is one where the world is seen from the context of a person existing to love and serve God who is the creator and sustainer of the world. This Christian world view is not taught just as a formal subject but as a vital element in shaping the way students think and respond to how they will live in today’s society. The Bible informs the Christian worldview and must be used as the point of reference.

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Early Learning Centre 
2 Chapel Street
Strathalbyn SA 5255

Administration, Primary, Middle and Senior School
28 East Terrace
Strathalbyn SA 5255

Postal Address

a PO Box 642
Strathalbyn SA 5255
p 08 8536 5400
f 08 8536 5444

Office Hours

School Terms 8am to 4pm
School Holidays 9am to 3pm



To report student attendance please phone or email one of the following:

Main Administration Office
p 08 8536 5400

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