Cultural Ventures


Tyndale Christian School Middle School students (Year 9) are given the opportunity to travel to Normanton, Queensland. This trip is intended to discover the cultural differences with indigenous communities and connect with Gulf Christian College. The team spends time visiting significant attractions in this area, helping students in classrooms, preparing for their Open Day and building relationships with staff and students.

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At Tyndale Christian School we offer a variety of ways for Senior School students to gain an appreciation of cultural differences and begin to understand the responsibility we have to those less fortunate than ourselves. The countries that our teams travel to are Kenya and Sri Lanka.

Each group spends time visiting significant attractions of these nations. However the main intention of our mission trips is to discover the realities of life in these developing lands, while making a difference one trip at a time. The teams undertake capital works projects and contribute financially to support the orphanages that the School is committed to.

The members who have travelled on any of these trips have been greatly impacted by this experience and inspired by the difference that one trip can make to the people of these countries.

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Our Japanese students have the opportunity to participate in a cultural study trip Trip to Japan in April every second year, sightseeing and experiencing the Japanese lifestyle for approximately 18 days.

The students experience first-hand the Japanese culture by staying with host families and travelling the Japan Rail Pass visiting such places as Kyoto, Himeji, Hiroshima and Tokyo. The team use the opportunity to gather resources for their Japanese studies. They practise their skills at communicating in Japanese, learn about international travel and experience and appreciate a culture quite different to their own.

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Our students are invited in alternate years to embark on a week-long trekking adventure along the historical Kokoda Trail. The students walk the trail where Australian and Japanese troops battled in WWII.

We join with our sister schools; Thomas Hassle College and Nambour Christian School to complete the trek. Together as a team, we experience the highs, lows, physical and mental pressures followed by the accomplishment of the 100km mountainous trek. It is an achievement to complete this trek, and those who participate will see a growth in confidence and determination.

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