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Tyndale Christian School is an independent, co-educational, inter-denominational school governed by a Board of Governors appointed by Tyndale Christian School Incorporated. Leadership in the School flows from the Board of Governors, through the Head of Schools (Mike Potter) to the Principal and his leadership team, to staff and student leaders.

The School Association has a single member – Tyndale Christian School Inc. (Salisbury East). The Board of Governors of Tyndale Christian School is made up of persons who have, or who have had, a direct relationship with the School, whether this is as a parent, staff member or former student. The Association appoints up to twelve of its members to the Board of Governors, who are the custodians of the School's Vision, Mission, Core Purpose and Values. Members of the Board of Governors are elected at the Tyndale Christian School Annual General Meeting  held in May of each year.

The Board of Governors appoints the Head of Schools who, as the Board’s Chief Executive Officer, oversees the management of the Schools on a day to day basis. The Head of Schools reports directly to the Board of Governors, and the School’s Principal and Business Manager both report monthly to and are accountable to the Board.

The Principal has developed a leadership team, made up of the Deputy-Principal, Business Manager, and Office Manager. The School has also appointed staff to Positions of Responsibility.


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Tyndale Christian School is governed by a Board of Governors elected by the Tyndale Christian School Association.

The role of the Board of Governors is to serve God by upholding the Christian values and the Constitution of the Association on which the School has been established.

The Board also ensure that the School meets its social, ethical and operating objectives:

  • Clearly articulate the Vision and Mission of the School;
  • Establish policies aimed at achieving the Vision and Mission;
  • Appoint a Head of Schools who is equipped to provide leadership in achieving the School’s Vision and Mission;
  • Support the Head of Schools and assess his or her performance;
  • Govern by policy determination, establishing executive policies and limitations for execution by the Head of Schools;
  • Ensure that in achieving the Vision and Mission, the Head of Schools is provided with resources which are adequate and appropriate;
  • Ensure effective organisational planning and adequate resources;
  • Ensure the accountability of the Head of Schools and itself (the Board);
  • Ensure legal, ethical and spiritual integrity and maintain accountability; and
  • Recruit and orient new Board Members and assess board performance.

The current Board of Governors are:

Mrs Karina Hudson  Board Chair
Mr Andreas Conrad  Deputy Board Chair
Mrs Tammy Phillips Treasurer
Mrs Sarah Baeker Secretary
Mrs Naomi Porter  
Mrs Olivia Dykes  
Mr Ashley Bennett








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3. Leadership and Governace - Kuhlmann, Danielle.jpg

Miss Danielle Kuhlmann joined the Tyndale Christian School Murray Bridge staff in 2009 as the Finance Officer and was appointed Business Manager in 2015 and then she was appointed Business Manager for Strathalbyn in 2017. She is an Associate Member of the Institute of Public Accountants and has a Diploma of Accounting. Miss Kuhlmann is responsible for all the financial and non-academic functions of the School. Danielle is passionate about seeing the educational services of a school supported through sound business management.

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3. Leadership Photo - Farnell, Merrill.jpg

Mrs Merrill Farnell joined the Tyndale Christian School Strathalbyn staff in 2000 after a varied career that has included teaching in primary and secondary schools in South Australia and Western Australia, raising four amazing children, helping her husband, Ron, run a successful landscaping business, and directing a workplace training company which developed and conducted accredited Vocational and Education programmes for Industry. Merrill has taught a wide variety of subjects in the Secondary School since 2000, as well as being appointed Secondary, SACE and VET Coordinator in 2007, followed by the appointment of Deputy Principal in 2013.

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Lock, Cameron.jpg

Mr Cameron Lock joined Tyndale Christian School Strathalbyn in 2007.  Cameron has taught extensively in the Middle Primary classes.  He holds a Diploma in Justice Administration and a Bachelor of Education (Primary) specialising in Physical Education.  Cameron is passionate about developing students’ spiritual, academic and leadership abilities in order to equip them for Secondary education and life outside of school.  He was appointed as Deputy Principal of the Primary in 2016.  Cameron is married to Leah and has three daughters, Grace, Naomi and Elise.  

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Mrs Beverley Giggins joined the Tyndale Christian School Strathalbyn staff in 2019 as the Director of the Early Learning Centre. Beverley has taught in Christian schools both in South Australia and Victoria. Her teaching career has included Director ELC, and extensive experience and leadership as a ELC-Year 7 teacher. She has taught specialist Library and Digital Technologies. Originally completing a Diploma in Teaching Early Childhood Education Beverley has recently completed a Masters of Education through Tabor College. Beverley has previously held leadership positions in schools with Curriculum Leadership and Staff Development and Mentoring.

Beverley is passionate about developing rich learning environments that enable children’s curiosity and inquiry to explore and learn.

Beverley with her husband Clint have two children , both teachers and a grandson.


Grivell, Kylie.jpg

Kylie Grivell joined Tyndale Christian School Strathalbyn in 2017 as a Reception teacher. She has extensive experience in teaching children from Reception to Year 4 in Catholic and Christian schools. Her passion is to build a strong foundation in Literacy and Numeracy while providing opportunities to engage children’s natural curiosity through inquiry-based learning. In 2018, she was appointed as the Reception to Year 2 Pastoral Care Leader. Kylie is married to Andrew and has three children Molly, Cooper and Archer.


Nick Simons.jpeg

Mr Nicholas Simons joined Tyndale Christian School Strathalbyn in 2004 as a Maths/Science teacher. His passion has been in the Middle School years, being appointed Middle School Coordinator in 2016, and Secondary Coordinator in 2017. His university studies focussed on Ecology and Genetics. This interest is now expressed through the Agriculture and Environmental programs. He has returned to study his Masters of Education in Leadership and Management at Flinders University in 2017. He has also been part of his church Oversight Team and Management Team, stepping down from these roles in 2016 to focus on his new role within Tyndale Christian School. With his wife Carla, they have seven children.

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Jones, Emma.jpg

Mrs Emma Jones joined the Tyndale Christian School Strathalbyn staff back in 1996. Emma has been the teacher of Reception to Year 2 classes and relief taught from the ELC to Year 12. Emma holds a Bachelor of Teaching specialising in Physical Education and a Bachelor of Education specialising in Music. Emma has a heart for children with special needs and an interest in working with teaching staff to differentiate the curriculum and offer strategies to maximise the learning opportunities of all students. Emma started up a primary small class in 2012 for students requiring learning support and has introduced a similar secondary class in 2019. Together with Mr Phil Jones, she has 3 children.


3. Leadership Photo - Whittaker, Lynette.jpg

Ms Lynette Colebatch joined the School in 2011 as a Student Services Office Receptionist. In 2012 Lynette was appointed Office Manager and Enrolments Officer. Prior to commencing at Tyndale Christian School Strathalbyn, Lynette worked in Real Estate as a Property Manager. Lynette studied a Diploma in Youth and Community Work (Christian) while working in full time Christian Ministry for 13 years. Lynette has three daughters, Laura, Ayesha and Emily, two sons-in-law Jason and Nick grandchildren, Benjamin and Bethany.

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